‘New’ Miami Heat Wallpaper

Was asked to do a wallpaper of new Miami Heat squad, here it is 🙂

Version 1     //     Version 2


NBA 2k11 Alternate Cover

2K Sports released their cover for the next chapter in the popular gaming series, so I decided to mess around with it and make my own version. I’ve always been a fan of the Bulls’ away uniform so I went with darker look to it, and since Jordan is the GM of Bobcats, I wanted to make sure he’s represented in the suit as well.

Fouad Abiad ‘Sacrifice Without Regret’ Wallpaper

Wallpaper designed of Fouad Abiad, Canada’s lone representative at Mr. Olympia and native of Windsor, Ontario.  The man is on a mission and is a huge inspiration to many Canadians and fans all around the globe!

Click here to download

‘The Throne Awaits The King’ Lebron James Wallpaper

All this hype around NBA free agents this summer got me designing something for my desktop so I decided to share it with you. I didn’t want to focus on jersey or number since no word yet where he is going, it is all about The King himself. Few versions available to grab whichever you prefer. 🙂

( Version 1 // Version 2 // Version 3 )

Update: I showed this to a friend (Whaddup Jay!) who’s a big Kobe fan and he said I should add Kobe in there so I decided to tweak this version a little and give you another one in case you’re not a Lebron fan. So here you go; Version 4! (added Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant and Melo)

1017 Bricksquad Remixes by Dj Relix Cover (Work in Progress)

I wanted to share with y’all another cover I’m working on for my dude Relix, this time it’s all about 1017 Bricksquad Remixes, I still need to add final touches and text but you see the direction I’m heading… check out my man below!


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Relix/Drake The Remixes Cover Finished

First project for ‘Swagged-Out Media’ was a cover design for DJ Relix, extremly talented DJ out of Atlanta who’s been heavy in the game remixing some of the hottest jams that caught fire on YouTube and interest from rap’s biggest names! I highly suggest you check him out! My dude has it ON LOCK…


Facebook Search: Relix The Underdog